Revue de Presse : Keeping Things Simple And Fun

Keeping Things Simple And Fun
By (Robin Wong)

I have been witnessing the urge in many local photographer friends to push through boundaries, trying to accomplish something great with their photographs. Talks about tips and tricks to win that prestigious competition, being featured in a local art gallery for exhibitions and generally how to gain recognition from their photography work. Somehow, all this made my own photography attempts during my weekly shutter therapy sessions look so… plain and simple. Perhaps, too simplistic, knowing well that none of these photographs I have taken or shown here would win me any competition, or be printed and proudly hung in Art Gallery walls. 
As I was about to question the whole purpose of me picking up the camera and shoot week after week, I paused for a second and realized that, it was never about competitions or exhibitions in the first place. It would be awesome for you if you have a strict goal to achieve, something to aim for, hence the powerful motivation to go far, and break down barriers. It all comes down to how much you want something, how desperate you want it to happen and how much you are willing to sacrifice to accomplish your goals. As much as I have given up and can set aside to the expansion of my photography goals, I would never, ever sacrifice one particularly important aspect: the JOY of photography. 
That was the difference between me and many people that I know, while some photographers pick up the camera hoping to capture that miracle shot that will be featured in the National Geographic, I on the other hand could care less about anything, really, except making darn sure I was having a blast of a time, as if it was my last shutter therapy session I have had. Why bother picking up a hobby if you cannot even enjoy every single process of it? 
Keeping in-line with the spirit of simple and fun, I decided to use just the kit lens for last weekend’s shutter therapy session. All images were taken with the Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark II and M.Zuiko 14-42mm F3.5-5.6 EZ Kit Lens. 
Sometimes I cannot believe how small the E-M10 Mark II is. Not that much difference in size in comparison to a cup of Flat White

The Registration Area
I really love how the lighting fell onto the lady, creating a lot of contrast in this frame. Yet at the same time, the light hit hits the face, illuminating it! Sometimes the best photographs do not have to be staged, they are found. You just have to be quick to see it, and shoot!

Red and Blue
Nothing particularly interesting in this shot, just a scene with matching colours. At first I wanted to compose tighter, just the walking man and the background red and blue walls, but I decided to include the arrow on the pavement instead. I think it works better this way. 

Bread Delivery Man
This was sort of a missed shot. I saw the man about to jump out of the truck, and I made a quite reaction to get this shot. I pressed the shutter button half a second too quick, I wanted to capture as the man was going down, not before!
Yellow & Blue

I like shots like these. Just plain, straightforward, no dramas. 

I like how the red shirt just popped out of the yellow background

This was a lucky shot, I admit it this much. From the mercilessly glaring Malaysian sun I could not see with my naked eyes what was inside the truck, all I could see clearly was the legs. 

RM7 (USD2) Haircut
Sometimes, we can find beauty in the midst of chaotic mess. 

A simple, environmental portrait. A man in a relaxed position, taking care of his shop. 

An Old Village House
Kuala Lumpur is a highly modernized city, it was quite an irony to discover a simple village which is situated INSIDE the city itself. Hence the old house and the modern building as the backdrop. 

Bold Colors
In order to get this shot, I had to be extremely early in the morning, so early that the shops have not opened yet. You can see the fluorescent light above the roller shutter was still on. Oh, and I sneaked the Kodak signboard into the frame!

Dim Sum
This is not exactly a street photography shot, but seriously, who cares? I shoot what I want to shoot, and I shoot what I like. I like food. I like dim sum. Hence the glorious photo of dim sum. Do you know how awesome dim sum is?
Street Bike
Not my first attempt at shooting stripes. I was actually waiting for the man to cross the road, but he stood there for a full 10 minutes. It has been a long day, I had quite a long, long walk and I decided to just settle for this shot. Not it was not fun waiting for that long and when  the fun no longer exists, I move on. 
For new comers to photography, you should know that photography is a long, long long journey, and the road ahead of you is a never-ending one. Do not rush, and be wise to realize early that there are no shortcuts. Always, always remember to have fun, because only by enjoying what you are doing, you can do it more and more and get better at it!

April 18, 2016 at 04:08AM
via Robin Wong

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